About us

we are the centre for transdisciplinarity, design & innovation. yes, that’s a mouthful. let us explain.

what is it

The playground is a community space, and a university-wide ecosystem, designed for creative collaborative work that helps transform the teaching and learning experience at Habib. It serves as a gateway, and enhances accessibility, to making and design activities across departments and schools. Through workshops, pop-ups and projects, students will be able to learn, and apply their learning, across disciplines and media – from sewing to 3D printing, photography to film, board games to phone apps, wood work to metal work, and beyond.

what we do

At the playground, we examine, address, and sometimes resolve, complex, real world challenges that require transdisciplinarity and creativity. In doing so, we learn from each other, and the city we are embedded in. At the heart of the playground is the commitment to being playful – to experimenting, getting our hands dirty, creating new rules for engagement, embracing failure and learning from it, and thoughtfully de/re-constructing the way we teach and learn. The playground aims to enhance not just the lenses our students use to examine the world, but also the tools with which they engage with it, and the forms of expression they use to communicate their ideas about it. Click here to download the brochure – what do we do

our identity

The playground does not have a logo. It has an open identity system. The three-dimensional play button wireframe is the visual representation of playground’s values: it’s a scaffolding that allows all our users to build their own frameworks. You can play with it, pivot it, morph it, multiply it and stack it as you desire. The scaffolding can be draped by our 14-color neon palette that offers vibrance and joy.