About us

we are the centre for transdisciplinarity, design & innovation. yes, that’s a mouthful. let us explain.

what is it

The playground at Habib University is set as the most cutting-edge design research facility in the country. Our vision is to leverage the spectrum of expertise available at Habib University and the power of design to challenge, reframe, resolve and reshape the intellectual experience delivered at Habib University. Since the inception of the playground in August 2017,  we have been using  human and planet-centered design as the fundamental approach to rethink and reframe complex problems in order to solve them. 

what we do

The playground is an ecosystem designed as a collaborative and transdisciplinary space to enable learning, experimentation, ideation and prototyping in a playful way across all disciplines. Along with transdisciplinary workshops and dialogues, the playground in collaboration with industry and community partners has been home for design-led research and innovation at Habib University. This has been used to reshape intellectual offerings, create learning communities and develop contextualized problem-solving opportunities for students, faculty and community members.

our identity

The playground does not have a logo, instead it has an open identity system. This three-dimensional play button wireframe visually represents the playground’s values: it is a scaffolding that allows all our users to build their own frameworks. You can play with it, pivot it, morph it, multiply it and stack it as you desire. The scaffolding can be draped by our 14-color neon palette that reflects the playfulness we practice at the playground.