Conceptual Drawing

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  • Communication & Design

  • Instructors
  • Zahra Malkani

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  • 1) Fall 2020

    This course approaches drawing as an expanded field of experimental and investigative practice. It explores questions about the purpose of drawing beyond a mere representation of the visible world, and about developing drawing practices that allow us to see the unseen, represent movement, time and sound and that explore problems, ask questions, and make interventions. It pushes the boundaries of traditional drawing, and explores it as a process, with poetics and polemics. Through experimental and gestural drawing exercises, students acquaint themselves with the nature of drawing media on a deeper level. The course covers the Conceptual Art movement and the changing role of drawing, with the emergence of new visualization technologies. Drawing practices from various art movements and traditions are explored to provide a more expansive idea of what drawing practice looks like.