Program Components

About GSCP

Students apply for the GSCP at the end of their third semester at HU.

Timeline Program Component
Fourth Semester Orientation & Research Process Seminar
Second Summer Semester Summer Tehqiq Research Program 1: Faculty-led Research
Fifth Semester 1 credit course: Research Seminar
Sixth Semester 1 credit course: Project Proposal Workshop
Third Summer Semester Summer Tehqiq Research Program 2: Independent Research
Seventh Semester Postgraduate Application Preparation
Eighth Semester Completion & Presentation of Research Project

Summer Tehqiq Research Program

Co-run by the Graduate School Curation Program and the Office of Research at Habib University, the Summer Tehqiq Research Program (STRP) is an intensive curated research experience for students. The STRP is designed to help students develop their own research projects over the course of four semesters, attain an in-depth understanding of academic research methods, work with individually selected faculty mentors and gain experience of scholarly achievement beyond an undergraduate degree. Students receive research funding and a stipend to participate in the STRP.

The Summer Tehqiq Research Program is divided into two segments: STRP 1, which consists of faculty-led, guided research and STRP 2, which supports students as they pursue their own independent research.

Summer Tehqiq Research Program 1: Guided Research

STRP 1 takes place during the students’ second summer at HU, at the end of their Sophomore year. During STRP 1, students spend ten weeks undertaking guided research on a project proposed and led by faculty. Faculty research projects are finalized after a rigorous selection process, and students are matched with projects based on their discipline, areas of interest and desired research skills.

In Summer 2022, 31 students (21 from the GSCP and 10 non-GSCP students) worked with 12 faculty members over the course of ten weeks, conducting research on topics ranging from nutrition literacy among university students in Karachi, to women’s inclusion in the financial sector and the pedagogical potential of using movies to teach ethics.

Summer Tehqiq Research Program 2: Independent Research

STRP 2 takes place during the students’ third summer at HU, at the end of their Junior year. Before this summer, students spend a semester developing a research proposal in pursuit of their own scholarly interests. During STRP 2, students carry out this research independently, with the support of their faculty mentors when required.

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GSCP Research Seminar

GSCP students are enrolled in a one-credit seminar course designed to help them gain a deeper understanding of academic research. Over the course of lectures, panel discussions and workshops, Habib University faculty, alumni and guests from other academic institutions cover topics such as analysis of successful published research in various disciplines, the fundamentals of academic writing, the philosophical foundations of research, the nature and meaning of data, examples of interdisciplinary research, etc.

Project Proposal Workshop

The Project Proposal Workshop is a one-credit course during which GSCP students learn how to write a well-designed research proposal for their own independent research project. By the end of the course, students will workshop and finalize their research topics, objectives and methods, and be fully prepared for their summer research through the STRP 2.

Graduate School Application Support

In addition to helping students enhance their research skills, the GSCP also directly equips students with the skills needed to gain admission into top graduate programs worldwide. Over the course of the GSCP, students will learn how to successfully identify relevant graduate schools and scholarship opportunities, write personal statements and essays, prepare for interviews and for GRE and English proficiency tests, and other relevant skills.

Conferences/ Research Presentations

GSCP students are provided with a number of opportunities to present their research work to the wider community, including poster presentations and conferences.

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Further Benefits

GSCP students have access to a number of additional benefits, including:

  • Funded summer research with a stipend and research budget provided by HU.
  • Community building activities such as museum visits, film screenings, etc.
  • Opportunities to meet and engage with senior administrative faculty, program directors, faculty and visiting scholars.
  • Free GRE test preparation.
  • Fee waivers for GRE and English proficiency tests (IELTS or TOEFL).
  • Fee waivers to audit HU courses in order to enhance their knowledge and skills up to one year after graduation.