Class of 2021
BSc (Honors) Social Development & Policy
Minor: Comparative Literature

Aspiration Statement

I would like to practice creative writing and I'd like to work on novels and stories. I also aspire to enhance this interest through working in publishing and editing. Other areas I'm interested in are economics, behavioural sciences, psychology, counselling for which I would like to pursue further education.

Core Skills

  • Unity
  • Python
  • MS Excel
  • Net Framework
  • Analysis (Qualitative and Quantitative)

Academic Awards / Achievements

  • 100% HU Merit Scholarship


Leadership / Meta-curricular

  • Habib Serve Club - Press Secretary
  • Habib University - Ambassador of Akhuwat (NGO)
  • HU Con 2020 - Marketing Supervisor

Internship / Volunteer Work

  • Perspective Magazine - Editor
  • Pakistan Today - Sector Analyst | Profit Magazine
  • Digital Media Wing, Govt. of Pakistan - Internship Trainee
  • AzCorp - Communication Intern
  • Sarim Burney Trust International - Content Writer
  • VCast Online - Management Trainee
  • _Undergraduate Research Journal - Senior Managerial Editor

Publications / Creative Projects

  • Published a research paper in Tehzib
  • Research on Textbook Production and Research Semination in Schools
  • Kashf Magazine Editor

Final Year Project

Project Title

Commodification of Pakistani Folktales: How Has Transmission of Folktales Evolved over Generations?


This research endeavours to study the representation of, in particular, the folktales of Heer Ranjha and Anarkali in popular media and its impact on generational transmission of these folktales in Pakistan. The study conducts a comparative analysis between prevalent themes and story elements of the different reproductions of each folktale. It also includes data collected from a survey of a sample comprising of respondents from different age groups. The survey is used to gauge awareness, familiarity and perceptions towards the folktales across different age groups. The culture of globalisation framework helps situate the youth’s distancing from traditional culture and the decrease in awareness of Pakistani folktales as a result of their developing transnational identity. Moreover, the theory of intangible cultural heritage furthers the importance of why protection and promotion of cultural heritage like the folk culture is essential to a community’s social development. Based on its findings, this research advocates for preservation of folktales as part of cultural heritage through modernisation of form but due consideration of cultural sensitivity and authenticity.