Class of 2020
BSc (Honors) Social Development & Policy

Aspiration Statement

I plan to pursue higher education probably related to the field of sustainable development after graduation. Before pursuing higher education I would like to work for a year or so in the field to gain some work experience.

Core Skills

  • Sustainable Development/ Urban Planning
  • Module Development
  • Research Skills (qualitative)
  • Data Analysis
  • Public Policy/Health Policy
  • Public Speaking/Communication Skills
  • Content writing
  • Basics of Stata, MS Office
  • Social Media & Web Monitoring

Academic Awards / Achievements

  • Top Intern- The Golden Key Dawlance- Arcélik [Aug 2019]


Leadership / Meta-curricular

  • Project URAAN - Habib University - Module Leader
  • Project Sikhai - IBH - Project Leader
  • Daily Innovation Workshop 41 Business north School- Istanbul, Turkey [Jan 2020]

Internship / Volunteer Work

  • Dawlance - Marketing Communications Specialist
  • US Mobile - Operations Analyst
  • Livingston Research - Researcher
  • Dawlance: Arcelik | Karachi: Istanbul - Intern-Quality Department
  • The Learning Space - Intern-Curriculum Developer
  • NEXUS Corporation - Creative Web Content Writer
  • The Citizens Foundation - Supervisor
  • Dot & Line - Summer Associate

Publications / Creative Projects

  • Research paper on “Social Sustainability and Urban Mobility – Deconstructing the Case of Karachi”.
  • Research paper on “Aid Has Failed: An Overview of the “Roll Back Malaria” Program and its Impact in Africa”.

Final Year Project

Project Title

Paper on: Marxism and Feminism: Economics of Women Rights, Unpaid Labor and Private Property Under The Institution of Marriage In Islam


The themes mentioned in this paper are discussed from a comparative analysis point of view between postmodern feminist analysis and Islamic law to showcase the theoretical frameworks of marriage and property rights under Islam that work together to protect the rights of women in the public as well as the private sphere and create more equality in terms of power dynamics and agency.