Class of 2022
BS Electrical Engineering
Minor: Computer Science

Core Skills

  • Python
  • C++
  • Technical Research
  • Github


Leadership / Meta-curricular

  • Orientation Leader, Class of 2024

Internship / Volunteer Work

  • Full Stack Engineer - Talverse (Aug 2022 - Present)
  • Teaching Assistant - Habib University (August 2021 - December 2021)
  • Business Excellence Intern - Jaffer Business Systems (June 2021 - October 2021)
  • Digital Assistant - Habib University (December 2019 - August 2020)

Final Year Project

Project Title

Autonomous Disaster Drones for Pre-Rescue Mapping of Interior Environments


This project deals with the design of Unmanned Ariel Vehicle (AUV) for disaster applications. We specifically deal with the response phase of the disaster life cycle, studying the effects of an autonomous robotic intervention on the standard operating procedures of first responders in search and rescue missions. The idea revolves around the framework of Simultaneous Localization and Mapping and efficient path planning, in order to identify human survivors in complex environments. We carry out a systematic study to test out state-of-the-art algorithms in the above-mentioned topics, and build an end-to-end pipeline deployable on commercially available drones. We validate the pipeline on Robot operating system (ROS) with Gazebo.