Class of 2022
BA (Honors) Communication & Design

Aspiration Statement

I am inclined towards filmmaking and acting. I also want to pursue postgraduate studies in filmmaking. My other interests include creative content creation, event and team management, food/restaurant related entrepreneurship.

Core Skills

  • Video Editing
  • Screen Writing
  • Film Production
  • Video Color Grading
  • Sound Design


Leadership / Meta-curricular

  • Head of Acting Department (CND Productions) 2022
  • Vice President, Purple Lion Productions Spring/Fall 2020

Internship / Volunteer Work

  • Actor - HUM TV (September 2020 - November 2020)
  • Actor - Naqsh Films (Mar 2019)

Final Year Project

Project Title

The Pakistani Television Industry: What is the Structure in Which it Operates and How Does it Affect the Workforce?


My thesis research is being complimented by my chosen artefact: fiction film, which is a Whodunit/Murder mystery based in the Pakistani TV Industry. For my research, I conducted about 11 in person interviews of professionals working in the industry, as well as studying the existing secondary literature. My objectives were: to Identify working conditions and problems faced by the workforce; understand the operational structure in which 1V production houses operate; analyze and connect structural flaws with direct effect on workforce; present solutions. My findings: Hierarchal divide on and off set; poor working conditions on sets; extreme violation of basic worker rights and exploitation; corporate-like system, with industrialized mode of production; active mafia and lobby controlling the market; solutions presented: Unionization Government intervention (unifying body of accountability that oversees protocol and standardization).