Class of 2022
BS Computer Science

Aspiration Statement

I have an interest in Machine Learning and Quantum Computing and I want to pursue my masters in Deep Learning for conversation generation using attention models and reinforcement learning. My hobbies include swimming and studying philosophy.

Core Skills

  • C/C++
  • Python
  • Flutter and Dart
  • SQL (Structured Query Language)
  • Web Development


Final Year Project

Project Title

Saathi: A Virtual Assistant for Elderly in Urdu


Our project aims to provide elderly with a virtual assistant in the form of an Urdu chat-bot. The chat-bot aims to generate human-like conversations with the elderly and help them in executing their daily life tasks. Our application will consist of some basic functionalities, i.e. voice based mobile actions such as making calls and sending messages, playing a predefined playlist, giving medicine reminders, alerting the elderly to charge their phones if low battery is detected, setting up a wake-up time and confirming that they have woken up and are feeling well. The voice bot will also greet them in the morning, prompt them to take their meals on time, gauge their emotions through sentiment analysis (with their consent), and generate conversation or actions accordingly (e.g., if the elderly person is feeling sad or unwell, it can suggest that they call a loved one).