Class of 2022
BSc (Honors) Social Development & Policy
Minor: Comparative Literature

Aspiration Statement

In terms of career, I am interested in evidence-based research in the development sector. I also want to pursue a master's degree in Public Administration.

Core Skills

  • Qualitative Research Skills
  • Quantitative Research Skills
  • Communications
  • Project Management

Academic Awards / Achievements

  • Dean's List, Spring 2021
  • High Academic Achievement Award, Fall 2021
  • Dean's List, Fall 2019
  • Dean's List, Fall 2020


Leadership / Meta-curricular

  • Attended HPAIR Conference in 2020
  • Treasurer, Pride Press

Internship / Volunteer Work

  • Growth Executive - Ripple Impact
  • Research Analyst - GivingForce
  • Research Analyst - Global Health 50/50
  • Research Project Lead - UNESCO
  • Researcher - CERP

Publications / Creative Projects

  • Garrison state structure of Egypt: Research paper published in Nile Journal of Political Sciences

Final Year Project

Project Title

Understanding the Intent of Giving Charity in Pakistan From an Anthropological Lens


This study aims to explore the reasons behind giving charity in Pakistan. In this research, charity is viewed as a social fact by using the Maussian approach to gift exchange. Mauss's theory is used as the lens to analyze how the social and cultural dynamics of a society influence the practice of giving charity.