Class of 2022
BSc (Honors) Social Development & Policy
Minor: Communication and Design

Aspiration Statement

In career, I am inclined towards business development and marketing. I also want to pursue my postgraduate in communication or marketing, and to further establish my own business.

Core Skills

  • Photography
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook Ads
  • Videography
  • Market Research


Internship / Volunteer Work

  • Assistant Marketing Manager - Lucky Entertainment Pvt Limited.
  • Assistant Manager Marketing - Doxa
  • Co-Founder - lrenicofficial.com
  • Project Trainee - Marketing - House of Habib
  • Intern - Marketing - House of Habib
  • Student Employee - Marcom - Habib University

Publications / Creative Projects

  • The Conquest of Arithmea: A Game-Based Approach to Learning BODMAS: Co-authored a research paper which got lauded in the 3rd International Academic Conference on Education in Berlin, Germany

Final Year Project

Project Title

The Development of Imitation Jewelry Market in Bolton through E-commerce


This paper explores how the new system (E-commerce) has affected the trade in Bolton Market and analyzing the pros and cons of adapting it. Furthermore, this paper will also look into stakeholders - how they have evolved and been affected by this new system, and how e-commerce has played a vital role in its development.