Class of 2022
BSc (Honors) Social Development & Policy
Minor: History

Aspiration Statement

I have a deep curiosity for learning and a passion for research which I hope to apply in my career in order to understand and overcome social issues. I wish to work towards enhancing lived human experiences.

Core Skills

  • Qualitative Research Skills
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Writing Skills in English
  • Critical Thinking
  • Stata

Academic Awards / Achievements

  • Scholarship grant of €8500 at LUC & 50% scholarship at Habib University
  • Academic distinction in Sociology (2016)


Leadership / Meta-curricular

  • Assistant Chair, HUMUN 2019
  • Selected for/attended a fully-funded German Camp in New Delhi by the Goethe Institute (2013)
  • Certificate Distinction in Essay Writing, recipient of the 'Golden Pen Award' at C.A.S (2015) for clearing German A1 exam.
  • Student Ambassador, Leiden University College (LUC)
  • Member, HU Orchestra
  • Completed first year of bachelors in Liberal Arts and Sciences from Leiden University College in the Netherlands

Internship / Volunteer Work

  • Fact Checker - Soch Media
  • Marketing Intern - The Dawood Foundation (July 2021 - September 2021)
  • Copy Editor - Tezhib Journal (June 2021 - August 2021)
  • Research Intern - IUCN (June 2016 - June 2016)

Final Year Project

Project Title

A Study of Female Friendship Dynamics Among Young Pakistani Women


This paper works to offer an alternative representation of the dynamics of friendship among young Pakistani women to that of the mainstream media. Rarely are female friendships represented, let alone centered, in these stories in meaningful or positive ways. It is only in recent decades that scholars have taken interest in studying female friendships. Yet, scholarship on non-diaspora South Asian women remains extremely scarce. In this study, I use an Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis (IPA) and Symbolic lnteractionist framework to interview women for whom female friendships have played a significant role in life. The study indicates that feminism plays a large role in unlearning misogynist portrayal of women and friendship and further allows women to create bonds that provide support, community and agency. Bringing forth these diverse experiences and narratives can slowly and gradually work to counter the danger of 'the single story'.