Class of 2020
BA (Honors) Communication & Design

Aspiration Statement

Due to my diverse interests that converge on the singular aspect of the human experience, I would like to pursue a career in human-centred design. This involves research and prototyping an output, which could range from designing services and products to addressing social issues through the visual arts.

Core Skills

  • Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro
  • Qualitative Research Abilities
  • Photography & Videography
  • Project Management
  • Design Research
  • Concept Design


Leadership / Meta-curricular

  • Communication & Design - Curriculum Review Committee - Member
  • Code.Play(2.0) - Director Creatives
  • Event’s Committee, Habib University Student Government - Chair
  • Senator Habib University Student Government - Secretary of Senate

Internship / Volunteer Work

  • Hysab Kytab - Product Lead
  • Homechef Pakistan - Product Associate
  • ADA Publications - Subeditor & Researcher
  • Arif Hasan’s Architecture and Consultancy Firm - Research & Design Intern
  • Teeli, Dawn - Assistant Director, Production Intern
  • Office of Academic Performance, Habib University - Designer and Content Writer

Publications / Creative Projects

  • Case study on informal markets of Karachi with town planner Arif Hasan commissioned by the World Bank (June 2019)
  • Assisted in directing Web Entertainment Videos with Teeli, Dawn: : Kachra Log | Welcome to Naya Pakistan | Matched | Failed Whatsapp Plans
  • Hikayat ul Mashriq: Encyclopedia of the East, 2019: An illustrated encyclopedia prototype aimed at manifesting a curiosity for the mythical beings and figures of eastern folklore.

Final Year Project

Project Title

Hatim: Retelling the Untold


Folktales are a unique facet of any culture; an intangible piece of heritage requiring preservation. While they are often very traditional, folktales are capable of evolution, reflecting the change in time and place. By recreating the tale of Hatim Tai, in a web-based Build Your Own Adventure story form, I contemporize the tale to accommodate modern-day storytelling, incorporating and enhancing the unique didactic quality of a folktale. This lets us preserve the folklore and continue its tradition. By allowing readers/viewers to make real-time decisions that affect the flow of the story, we immerse them into the tale, as they reap the consequences of their choices. Using this interactivity, in the form of a hypertext webpage, the project aims to revitalize cultural folklore, adapting it to suit the current epoch while fulfilling the original purpose of the folktale - entertainment and moral education - thus, allowing readers to come to their own conclusion of what is right or wrong. In this form, the story creates an environment conducive to receiving the variety of lessons that lay buried deep within the Adventures of Hatim Tai.