Class of 2022
BS Computer Science
Minor: Mathematics

Aspiration Statement

I am currently looking to work at a company for a year or two to gain industrial experience. My long term plans include applying abroad for masters program on scholarship.

Core Skills

  • Python3
  • C++
  • VueJS
  • Flutter
  • Wordpress Development

Academic Awards / Achievements

  • HU TOPS Scholar (Habib University's Talent Outreach, Promotion and Support Program)


Leadership / Meta-curricular

  • Orientation Leader, Batch of 2024 (2020)
  • Vice President — CSEC
  • Academic Lead — GDSC, Habib University

Internship / Volunteer Work

  • Associate Software Engineer - Securiti
  • IT Consultant - Saaya NGO
  • Web Development Intern — FinPocket (January 2021 — February 2022)
  • Frontend — Appick Solutions (August 2021 — October 2021)
  • Software Quality Assurance — (June 2021 — August 2021)

Final Year Project

Project Title

Saathi - An Urdu Virtual Assistant for Elderlies


Our solution intends to offer the elderly with a supportive environment by allowing them to use our Urdu mobile virtual assistant to perform simple tasks such as reminding them of their medications, calling their loved ones, and providing entertainment, in order to improve their everyday life.