Class of 2020
BS Computer Science
Minor: Mathematics

Aspiration Statement

I want to work as a developer after I graduate, be it front-end, back-end or both. In the meanwhile, I want to continue working on my FYP so that I can launch the software into the market. I am also inclined towards technical research, so I might pursue graduate studies too after graduation.

Core Skills

  • Python, C++, Unity
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Assembly
  • Arduino, Processing
  • Autodesk Maya, Blender
  • Project Management
  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Oracle Cloud

Academic Awards / Achievements

  • Dean’s List - Fall 2017
  • High Academic Achievement Award - Fall 2018
  • HU TOPS 100% Scholarship
  • Rising Woman of Computer Science Habib University (Jul 2020)
  • Best Interdisciplinary Capstone Design Award Habib University (Jul 2020)


Leadership / Meta-curricular

  • Aurat Raj - Technical Developer Intern
  • SolvenEvolve, Australia - Academic Content Developer/Assistant
  • Roar’17 - Event Coordinator
  • Event Management Committee - Member
  • Habib University - C++ and OOP Workshop Tutor
  • Peet Tutor - Micro-controllers and Interfacing Teaching Assistant

Internship / Volunteer Work

  • Analyst Software Engineer [Data Analytics] - Afiniti (May 2021-Present)
  • Associate Technical Consultant - iTANZ (Jan 2021 - Apr 2021)
  • Graduate Trainee [Development] - iTANZ (Jul 2020 - Jan 2021)

Publications / Creative Projects

  • Optimal Illumination of Arbitrary Rooms Using Genetic Algorithm: Publication of paper “Optimal Illumination of Arbitrary Rooms Using Genetic Algorithm” in IEEE Xplore (ICICT Conference 2019)
  • Ray Tracer: Implemented a ray tracing engine from scratch in C++.
  • Game Development-Remaking of Pac-man: Worked on the game Pacman with Random Maze Generation and introduced many new features. It is an optimized implementation with an acceleration grid structure.

Final Year Project

Project Title

Virtual Self-Defense Trainer


Self-defence is an important skill for protection, especially for women in times of danger. However, self-defence training is not accessible to many. Our aim is to make a virtual self-defence trainer that teaches self-defence at the user’s convenience and requires only a regular laptop. To further enhance the virtual experience with the trainer, we are also providing physical feedback through muscle stimulation via a haptic device, by calibrating it for every user. The software will also provide user feedback based on the poses performed by the user against a virtual opponent. (Group Project-Interdisciplinary)

Project Pictures