Class of 2020
BS Computer Science
Minor: Mathematics

Aspiration Statement

I want to pursue my graduate studies in Fine Arts including visual arts, graphic designing and other performative arts. As a career, I am inclined towards working for Front End UI web-development and teaching. I am passionate about cooking, travelling, getting creative with paints and colours and badminton.

Core Skills

  • Python, C++, C#, C
  • HTML, JavaScript, SQL, Verilog, Web Development
  • MS Office
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Canva, LaTex, PSpice, MapleSoft
  • Data Visualization
  • Student Engagement
  • Coordinating Activities
  • After School Programs
  • Student Conduct

Academic Awards / Achievements

  • HU TOPS 100% Scholarship


Leadership / Meta-curricular

  • Student Government Executive Vice President - Habib University
  • Library Advisory Board Vice President - Habib University
  • Scientific Society, ASPiRE, Sponsorship Manager - Habib University
  • DataCamp - Python Data Science Toolbox (Part 1&2)
  • DataCamp - Statistical Thinking in Python (Part 1)
  • Volunteer Course Instructor - Serve Club, Habib University
  • Lead Volunteer Instructor - FixIt School
  • Teaching Assistant - Habib University (Jan 2018 - Apr 2018)
  • Peer Tutor - Habib University (Aug 2017 - Dec 2017)
  • Business Analyst Intern - Engro Corp (July 2019)
  • Habib University - Research & Content Writing (Department of Resource Development, HR) - Teaching Assistant - (Office of Student Life)

Internship / Volunteer Work

  • Analyst Software Engineer [Data Analytics] - Afiniti (Sep 2020 - Jan 2022)
  • Data Engineer I, Applied AI - Afiniti (Feb 2022 - Present)

Publications / Creative Projects

  • Artificial Intelligence: Image Detection and Word recognition system (converts the recognized word into desired language and thesaurus implementation – Google API and OCR tesseract).

Final Year Project

Project Title

The Third Space


Pakistan’s minority communities faces a constant struggle against intolerance in our society, and the problems that arise due to it, including unemployment. The Third Space hopes to set up an online portal for artisans from our minorities’ community to advertise their products, and share their experiences in work or in life. The website will act as an e-commerce solution for these communities. (Group Project)

Project Pictures