Create Your Own Legacy


Habib University's community co-ownership model allows it to offer remarkable opportunities for crafting inspiring and lasting legacies through a wide array of endowment gifts. Creating an intellectual endowment establishes a most distinguished legacy that has transformative impact across generations and is an honor for the benefactor as well as the University.

Endowed Scholarships

You can also endow a scholarship in your name, ensuring students access the learning needed for a better future. The gift of an endowed scholarship enables Habib University to continue providing scholarship aid to students from disenfranchised backgrounds, providing them a gateway to actualize their dream to quality Higher Education.

Endowed Space

Habib University has an innovative and technologically advanced campus designed to meet the demands of the 21st century. Students are able to express their creativity and learn with the assistance of unique spaces. By endowing a space at the Habib University campus you can ensure that future generations of students can continue to avail a world-class education at a state-of-the-art facility.

Endowed Chair

Habib University’s faculty is globally renowned and truly committed to our vision of redefining education as an intellectual experience. The majority of faculty at Habib University have worked or studied abroad, and choose to return to Pakistan to mentor students.

Your contribution can enable Habib to continue to attract, retain, and honor distinguished faculty members.

Endowed Program

Through endowing specific programs you can allow Habib to develop stronger teaching programs, invest in new technologies, and maintain laboratories and other physical assets.

Endowed School

University offers its students a world-class liberal arts education. Our two Schools Dhanani School of Science and Engineering and School of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences with their unique programs aim to nurture future leaders by providing an education that challenges them intellectual and support them in developing critical and analytical skills.

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