Successful Innovation: Prototyping for Entrepreneurship

Habib University School of Science and Engineering (HU-SSE) kicked-off its Fall 2015 SSE Public Seminar Series with a lecture and discussion by Mr. Raja Sabri Khan.

Mr. Khan is an aerospace design engineer from MIT University and a resident of Karachi. He is the founder and owner of Integrated Dynamics, which is considered pioneers in design, development and manufacturing of unmanned aircraft and robotic systems for civilian and scientific applications in Pakistan.

The talk focused on an often overlooked aspect of successful innovation – the ability to prototype the entire entrepreneurship model from conception to finished products. A brief lecture was followed by a robust interactive session between the students and Mr. Khan.


Prototyping for entrepreneurship involves running the same tests and market research on hardware as it does for software and documentation. A properly executed ‘storyboard’ for the entrepreneurship model results in savings in cost, time and resources and allows a safety valve for alternative strategies to be developed before actually committing to market or production.

Current R&D at Integrated Dynamics includes developing low-cost applications for civilian purposes in the areas of surveillance, aerial target and civilian use of unmanned systems structures, power-plants, flight control systems, video and data telemetry, telecom and links, tracking systems, ground control stations, electro-optics and sensor payloads, simulators, security & surveillance gear and lab training aids.

Spin-off technologies from these systems have been deployed in civilian, scientific, education, research and industrial applications and the D.A.R.E education initiative – sponsored by Integrated Dynamics– is a privately-funded program for providing technology resources, building prototypes and hands-on learning for students, inventors and innovators in Pakistan and allowing them to go ‘beyond’ what is taught in the classroom.

Mr. Khan’s publications vary from areas of aerospace propulsion systems, low speed aerodynamics, GIS systems and GPS technology to civilian applications of robotics, mechatronics and data command, control and telemetry systems.

Prior to Integrated Dynamics, he was Director (Special Projects) for SUPARCO (Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission), and supervised projects in the areas of UAV system design , Pakistan’s satellite program and development of aerial photogrammetry applications from low-cost electro-optic sensors for agricultural and land-use applications.


Mr. Khan presenting during the session


Participants during the session


Mr. Khan advising volunteers to pitch their ideas.


Raja Sabri Khan-02
Event Poster


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