About The Center

Interdisciplinary Development Research and Action Center (IDRAC) draws its name from the Urdu word Idrac(k) ادراک which is a polysemic word signifying the broad plurality of processes and connotations associated with “thinking”. IDRAC at Habib University aims to foster thoughtful research and action on issues centred around Pakistan and the wider South Asian context. It serves as a bridge between academic scholars, policy-makers, development practitioners, artisans and craftspeople, and the students who so eagerly study their disciplines. The Center draws upon fields of expertise not only from the Social Development and Policy faculty but also from those of the Comparative Humanities Program. To further this aim, the Center regularly holds a series of activities (workshops, panel discussions, seminars, and conferences) that strengthen existing efforts at social cohesion and sustainable development in the region, while also exemplifying the role of a university in serving society and contributing to its meaningful well-being it.

Meet the Team