Wellness Themes

Every month, the HU Wellness Center focuses on a single theme. The purpose of the theme is to educate and create awareness among our HU students regarding the chosen topic.  Topics are strategically chosen based on the time of year and salient wellness related topics for university aged students.

  • New Beginnings – September
    This theme is all about setting goals for the semester. Goals that include classes, doing homework, eating right, as well as exercise.
  • Time Management – October
    As students reach week 4 of the semester, it is time to ensure students are able to manage their time. This is the key point in the semester to get ‘back on track’ if a student has been struggling.
  • Bullying – November
    Bullying can be a serious problem. Programs during this month are geared towards creating awareness about what bullying is and stopping bystander behavior.
  • Stress Management – December
    With finals rapidly approaching, stress management is a key skill. Programs this month will give students skills to handle their stress.
  • Sleep – January
    Welcome to the new semester! It is important to start with healthy sleep habits.
  • Healthy Relationships – February
    Healthy relationships means a lot more than romance – this month’s theme is all about building positive relationships with those around us – including our family members, friends here on campus, friends off-campus, and faculty members.
  • Addiction & Substance Abuse – April
    While addiction comes in many different forms (drugs, alcohol, Facebook, food…) this month, the theme is focusing both on addiction and also on substance abuse.
  • Peer Pressure – May
    Those around us have the largest influence on what we do.  As the semester winds up and we shift towards the summer, we need to be aware of making healthy choices – and avoiding negative peer pressure.