The Mathematics in our music

By  Narjis Zehra – Electrical Engineering 2020

(Student, School of  Science & Engineering , Habib University)

Reflections on “The Mathematics in our music by Mr. Yousuf Kerai”

Yousuf Kerai’s talk “The Mathematics in Our Music” was organized by Habib University’s School of Science and Engineering (SSE) as part of SSE Public Lecture Series. Held on Friday, November 25th 2016, at Habib University, this talk revolved around the relationship between music and mathematics in South Asian frame of reference.

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Is Going Solar The Only Option?

By Amal Hashim (class of 2020) (Student, School of  Arts Humanities and Social Sciences, Habib University) The SSE Public Lecture Series at Habib University maintains a distinguished legacy of inviting notable speakers to engage with the general-public into some thoughtful discussions about the place of science, technology and innovation in different aspects of collective and individual […]

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Code.Play() Programming Competition

By Baqar Naqvi (class of 2018) (Student, School of  Science & Engineering, Habib University)   The IEEE Habib University Student Branch embarked its journey on September 20, 2016. Just after a month later, on October 22nd, 2016, the branch led by its students hosted the biggest annual IEEE XTreme 24-hour programming competition for the IEEE Karachi […]

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Staring into the cosmos: Glimpse of a Universe unseen !

By Shahbaz Ahmed Alvi Mankind is celebrating another milestone in its struggles to understand the nature of the Cosmos around us. Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) recently announced that they have, for the first time, seen signs of gravitational waves passing through their detector. But what are these things they call gravitational wave? Before talking about […]

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Scienticians and the Great Flood: Theories That Don’t Hold Any Water – Dr. Aaron Mulvany

By Anusha  Aijaz (Student, School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Habib University) Dr. Aaron Mulvany holds Ph.D. in South Asian Studies from the University of Pennsylvania. His interests include music, anthropology, folklore, and history. He is the assistant professor of Social Development and Policy. Dr. Aaron gave a lecture on water-related disasters, which is […]

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Seminar on ” National Instruments (NI) Solutions in Teaching Engineering Electronics”

National Instruments (NI) held a workshop in Habib University on “NI instruments Solutions in Teaching Engineering Electronics” in August 2015. Habib University lab staff and faculty members participated in that seminar.  This workshop was about the control engineering where control systems were interfaced with LabVIEW software , along with its simulation and interfacing.  During this workshop […]

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