Invent for the Planet 2019
Invent for the Planet 2019 was a three-day intensive design event happening at Habib University’s Playground, an interdisciplinary and flexible space, from Friday, 15th February to Sunday 17th February 2019 where students compete in teams with each other and with teams worldwide. Participants were given the challenge of coming up with solutions of a range of real-world issues which included improving the quality of life, advance personalized learning, providing access to clean water, preventing loneliness, enhance virtual reality, smart elderly care, equipping rural medical workers, connecting the world and aircraft structures. The students had faculty and industry mentors to guide them through the intense 48-hour challenge until the final presentation. The idea behind the whole event was to provide the students with the right skillset which is imperative to gain success in innovation, leadership and to help them shape their futures. Habib University is the only institution in Pakistan that collaborated with Texas A&M University and 31 other universities worldwide for this two-day long competition. Twelve teams of students from Habib University came up with twelve different solutions for pressing global issues which included web and digital applications to solve issues like problems students have with standardized curriculums, for preventing loneliness, to help in preparing cities for health epidemics and problems, to solve problems of fake news, and to help farmers in rural areas despite connectivity limitations. Team Zindagi was first. They presented a solution for improving the quality of life by insulating households in a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly manner. Team Sehraab was second. They attempted to solve the issue of irrigation and communication in remote areas of Pakistan without cellular coverage with emerging, internet of things (IOT) technology. Team Shaffaf was third. They presented a prototype for a system to clean water in low-income areas by treating sewage.#ShapingFutures More IFTP pictures