The Rasa of Identity – Machinic Assemblages, Affect & Intersectionality

The Rasa of Identity - Machinic Assemblages, Affect & Intersectionality

The Rasa of Identity – Machinic Assemblages, Affect & Intersectionality

Aug, 10

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


About the Seminar:

In this lecture Ahmed Ansari will introduce the audience to design discourses that account for the agency of things, whether tangible objects or intangible experiences. He will begin with an overview of how designers have been influenced by discourses from the humanities and social sciences in talking about how things shape and mold human experience, and in doing so, create different kinds of human subjects. Mr. Ansari will then turn to non-Western knowledge systems and their views on things and the way they shape human feeling, reading three thinkers together: the assemblage theory of the 20th century thinkers Deleuze and Guattari, the theorizing of rasa done by the 9th century Sanskrit critic and philosopher Anandavardhana, and the shi of Chinese philosophy best articulated in the work of the sinologist Francois Jullien.
He will finally end the talk with an appraisal of how our understanding of rasa and shi might affect how designers and other related disciplines plan their interventions and design differently, especially with regards to complex, systemic social problems that require, to quote Donna Harraway, “staying with the trouble.”

About the Instructor:

Ahmed Ansari is a doctoral candidate in Design Studies at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). His research interests intersect at the junction between design history and theory, post\decolonial theory, and the philosophy of technology, exploring the possibilities of non-western philosophies of technology as the basis for the development of new forms of design practice, with a focus on the Indian subcontinent and late Vedic philosophical thought. He is also a founding member of the Decolonizing Design platform, from which he does frequent and fervent critiques of the politics and ethics of contemporary design practice. He teaches both studio and seminar courses in systems thinking, cultural theory, research methods, and design studies in the School of Design at CMU.

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