In January 2019, the University organized a series of workshops that aimed to facilitate the students, and faculty develop the Centre of Pedagogical Excellence (CPE). Dr. Darryl Yong, Director of Claremont Colleges Center for Teaching and Learning, and Professor of Mathematics at Harvey Mudd College, conducted these workshops. Dr. Yong conducted interactive workshops, focus groups and training sessions for faculty and students at playground to help them develop a white paper for the Centre of Pedagogical Excellence. He also shared some of the best teaching practices aimed at pedagogical improvement and excellence.

For the faculty, there were organized group sessions to gain feedback and develop a shared understanding about the parameters for the Centre for Pedagogical Excellence, understand its intended mission, goals, and constraints. The next part of the faculty workshops consisted of designing transparent syllabi and assessment methods for courses. The workshop encouraged “demystifying” the learning process by being more transparent to students about goals and expectations for their learning. In this workshop, participants looked at examples of assignments that have been redesigned to be more transparent to students and then engage in peer review of each other’s’ assignments. The goal for participants was to gain practical strategies for increasing student learning and share their ideas with their colleagues.

For students, the goal of meeting was to learn the aspects of learning and assessment tools that go well for them and what they would like their instructors to know about their learning. The information gathered from this meeting was to come in to use for the advancement and improvement in the current teaching methodologies.

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