Attiya Dawood

Poet, writer and activist


Attiya Dawood, the celebrated Sindhi poet, writer, and activist, has been hailed as the most important feminist writer in Sindhi by Shaikh Ayaz, the renowned Sindhi poet. Through her writings, she has highlighted the oppression of women in Pakistani society in the name of tradition. In her poetry she raises her voice against misogyny and bias and in support of women who fight for empowerment and equal rights with men. Attiya Dawood's work has been appreciated in Pakistan and abroad. Her poems have been translated into German, English and Urdu. One of her poems was included in Jan Goodwin's book, The Price of Honour. She has published six books, and her articles on women's rights, peace, justice, gender issues, have appeared in major national dailies and literary journals. She is a recipient of the Sindh Adeeb Award awarded by Akhil Bharat Sindhi Boli Ain Sahit Sabha, India.