Dr. Sanjay Seth

Habib University Postcolonial Higher Education Conference

Conference Speaker
Professor of Politics

Director of the Centre for Postcolonial Studies.
Goldsmiths, University of London, New Cross, London

Topic: Higher Education in the Indian Social Imaginary: 150 Years

Dr. Sanjay Seth has written extensively on postcolonial theory, social and political theory, and modern Indian history. He is the author of Marxist Theory and Nationalist Politics: The Case of Colonial India (Sage 1995), Subject Lessons: The Western Education of Colonial India (Duke UP 2007 and OUP India 2008) and editor of  Postcolonial Theory and International Relations: A Critical Introduction (Routledge 2013).

His essays have appeared in a diverse range of journals, including Comparative Studies in Society and History, Social Text, Third World Quarterly, Journal of Asian Studies, Alternatives, American Historical Review, Positions, Ethics and International Affairs, International Political Sociology, and Postcolonial Studies. Some of these essays have been translated into Spanish or Portuguese. He is a founding co-editor of the international journal Postcolonial Studies (1998-).