Dr. Rubina Saigol

Habib University Postcolonial Higher Education Conference

Conference Speaker
Independent researcher specializing in social development

Decline of Knowledge, Rise of Information: Social Sciences in the Neo-liberal Era

Dr. Rubina Saigol received her PhD in Education and Development from the University of Rochester and her MA in Development Psychology from Columbia University. She is currently an independent researcher based in Lahore and has authored and edited several books and papers in English and Urdu on education, nationalism, the state, ethnicity, feminism and human rights published nationally and internationally. 

Some of her publications include, ‘Knowledge and Identity: Articulation of Gender in Educational Discourse in Pakistan’; ‘Symbolic Violence: Curriculum, Pedagogy and Society’;    ‘Enemies Within and Enemies Without: The Besieged Self in Pakistani Textbooks’ ‘A Tale of Two Communities: Textbook Representations of 1857’. Dr. Rubina Saigol has conducted teacher training workshops on human rights and gender equality in all the four provinces of Pakistan.