About the Conference

Conference Theme: The Ethical and the Spiritual in Islam: Pasts, Presents and Futures

Among the accelerated modern processes of diremption, fragmentation and deformation of conceptually and practically integrated dimensions and spheres of life, is the increasingly alarming one of the disintegration and distortion of the linkages between ‘religion’, ‘ethics’, and ‘spirituality’ – which are indeed, as the scare quotes indicate, themselves modern categories to begin with. The global delinking and malformation of these integrated dimensions of existence have profound consequences for our potentials for thoughtful self-cultivation – and therefore our well-being, individually and together – across traditions and forms of life.

Even as inherited systems of thoughtful self-cultivation have suffered distortion and disarticulation across the world, however, the ‘Islamic’ presents itself as a critical test-case in this regard – perhaps most markedly in the increasing delegitimation, disarticulation, and misappropriation of the traditions of thoughtful self-cultivation designated by the modern term ‘Sufism’. In line with our mission of shaping reparative futures, Habib University’s sixth (6th) Postcolonial Higher Education Conference will illuminate, investigate, and analyze the essential conceptual and practical linkages between the ethical and the spiritual dimensions in Islamic traditions in their late antique and medieval articulations, their modern reconfigurations, as well as imagining future reparative possibilities of these relations for theory and practice.

Conference Chair: Nauman Naqvi



3.00 pm – 3.30 pm Guests Arrival, Registration and Booklets Venue: Reception
3.30 pm – 3.40 pm Conference MoC: Dr. Najeeb Jan
Beginning of conference proceedings
3.40 pm – 3.50 pm Introductory Comments by Dr Nauman Naqvi to share the ideology behind the conference
3.50 pm – 3.55 pm Introduction of Keynote speeker,
Dr. Shenila Khoja Moolji
3.55 pm – 5.10 pm Opening Keynote Speech by Dr. Shenila Khoja-Moolji

‘Bridging faith and world (din and dunya): Examining the Reparative Possibilities of Ordinary Ethics’
Discussant: Dr. Shama Dossa & Mr. Basharat Issa

5.10 pm – 6.55 pm Panel 1: Spiritual Ethics Inside & Outside
Discussant: Dr. Nauman Naqvi
  • Ahab Bdaiwi, "The Sage of Medina: The Ethics of Jaʿfar al-Ṣādiq."
  • Alexander Key, "What Price Ethics? Al-Tanukhi on generosity, politics, and deliverance in 10th century Iraq"
  • Sajjad Rizvi: "The Ethics of Divine Friendship from the Wisdom of Mulla Sadra to the Praxis of Allameh Tabatabai"
  • 6.55 pm onwards Hi-Tea


    11.00 am – 11.05 am Introduction of Dr. Oludamini Ogunnaike - Keynote Speaker
    11.05 am – 12.20 pm Keynote Speech by Dr. Oludamini Ogunnaike
    “Against the Dying of the Light: The Perils and Imperatives of Decoloniality in Islamic Temporalities”
    Discussant: Dr. Muhammad Haris & Dr. Najeeb Jan
    12:20 pm – 1.20 pm Lunch: Venue: Outside LG Cafeteria
    1.20 pm – 2.35 pm Panel 2: The Politics of Spiritual Ethicality Discussant: Dr. Shah Jamal Alam
  • Aaron Eldridge: ‘Toward an Asecular Theory of Dār al-Islām’
  • Arsalan Khan: ‘Islamic Piety as Sovereign Transcendence in the Tablighi Jamaat in Pakistan’
  • 2:35 pm – 3.50 pm Panel 3: Ethico-Spiritual Reorientations in an Age of Extreme Nihilism Discussant: Dr. Xiaoxi Zhang
  • Muhammad Faruque: ‘The Burnout Society: Healing Fragmentation through Islamic Spirituality’
  • Nauman Naqvi: ‘Hikma: Reorienting Islamic Studies Towards Love, Beauty, Light & Limit’
  • 3.50 pm to 4.05 pm Closing Remarks by Dr. Nauman Naqvi
    Presenting Souvenirs to all speakers


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