Ustad Sajid Hussain

Sitar Instructor

Hailing from the Senia Gharana that traced its roots to Mian Tansen, the late Ustad Sajid Hussain was the esteemed disciple of his father, Ustad Fida Hussain, and his uncle, Ustad Kabir Khan. He began playing the sitar at the age of 16 and performed extensively for radio, television, and music festivals, such as the All Pakistan Music Conference. In addition to his performances, Ustad Sajid Hussain also focused on extending his ancestral inheritance to his children. He was one of the few remaining sitar maestros of Pakistan, whose artistry and genius were adequately manifested in his magnificent compositions and playing.

Ustad Sajid Hussain, who conducted Sitar classes at Habib University, leaves behind a profound legacy in the world of music. His dedication, expertise, and contribution to the preservation of the sitar tradition will continue to inspire and influence generations of musicians. In his memory, we celebrate a life dedicated to the beautiful art of sitar and offer our heartfelt gratitude for his invaluable contributions to the world of music.