Learn Abroad: Summer 2017

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Habib University students are invited to apply to study abroad at two leading institutions in the United States, Stanford University and the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, in Summer 2017. The Stanford Summer International Honors Program and the Michigan Summer Term offer opportunities to learn at top international universities, experience a foreign culture, benefit from diverse perspectives, and connect with peers from around the world.

Habib University will send eight students to each program. Students may apply to either the Stanford University or the University of Michigan program and must indicate their choice on the application. Applications will be accepted until midnight on Sunday, November 6, 2016.

Stanford Summer International Summer Program

The Stanford Summer International Honors Program (IHP) is a collaboration between Stanford University and international teaching and research institutions around the world. Students are selected by their home university to attend a highly rigorous and immersive program that combines top-notch academics with extracurricular activities that explore the rich cultural, social and geographical resources of San Francisco Bay Area.

As a part of IHP, you’ll have the opportunity to earn credits at one of the most competitive universities in the United States. Students create their own schedules from more than 175 courses offered by 35 departments within the schools of Humanities and Sciences, Earth Sciences, and Engineering. Summer courses are taught by Stanford faculty, feature smaller class size, accessible instructors, and a diverse student body.

  • Program Duration and Dates: June 17-August 13, 2017.
  • Student Body Diversity: IHP students come from 20 different universities in 14 countries around the world.
  • Courses Offered: Students must choose eight credits from 175 courses offered by 35 departments. A list of available courses can be found here.

University of Michigan Summer Term

Habib University has partnered with the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, to send students for study abroad at one of the most highly ranked public institutions and foremost research universities in the US. The University of Michigan offers an unmatched combination of excellence and opportunities in more than 265 undergraduate degree programs, faculty with national and international reputations for excellence in teaching and researchimpressive facilities for every academic endeavor, and a safe place to live and learn in one of the best college towns in America. At University of Michigan, Habib students will be members of a truly international learning community. At both the undergraduate and graduate level, U-M students come from 118 countries, representing a highly diverse global community. More than one-third of international students are undergraduates.

During the summer semester, students will take classes with their peers at the University of Michigan as well as visiting students from around the US and the world.

  • Program Duration and Dates: June 28-August 18, 2017.
  • Student Body Diversity: Students hail from all 50 states and 118 countries.
  • Courses Offered: Students may select classes from any undergraduate degree program provided they meet course pre-requisites.

Spaces Available

Habib University will send 8 students to each program, for a total of 16 students. For the 2017 Summer Programs, students may compete for either 5 grants funded and 3 non-funded spaces in each program. Students who apply but do not qualify for funded spots will be automatically considered for non-funded spaces.

Fees and Grants

In order to ensure that our brightest students are able to particulate in these unique opportunities, Habib University offers merit grants that cover program fees and expenses. Depending on the type of grant awarded, full or partial costs of tuition fees and living and travel expenses may be covered.

Fees: Approximately $15,000 for all fees and expenses, including tuition, housing and dining, international and local travel, visa fees and textbooks. Personal expenses including local travel not associated with the program are not covered by the host university (Stanford University or University of Michigan) or Habib University.

Grants: The 5 funded spaces have the following grants available:

  • 1 full grant, covering all fees and expenses (approx. $15,000)
  • 4 half grants, covering half of fees and expenses (approx. $7,500)

Students awarded half grants must cover the remainder of the costs themselves or through external sponsorship. Students attending in non-funded spots must cover the full costs themselves or through external sponsorship.

Eligibility Criteria

Both programs are open to current 2nd and 3rd year students from both the School of Science and Engineering and the School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. Students who fulfill the following criteria are invited to apply:

  • Year: 2nd or 3rd year student at Habib University.
  • Grades:
    • Minimum GPA for funded spots: 3.50 CGPA
    • Minimum GPA for non-funded spots: 3.25 CGPA
  • Code of Conduct clearance: No conduct case filed against the applicant for any of the following: Plagiarism, cheating, theft, vandalism, bullying, sexual harassment and misconduct, use of drugs/alcohol/weapons, physical assault, or severe violation of operational policies of the University.
  • Financial clearance: No outstanding University fees at submission of application (in case of genuine reason for outstanding payments, please contact the Office of Admissions for consideration).

Please note:

  • Students who have previously applied to and/or attended an HU-sponsored program are eligible to apply for either Summer 2017 program.
  • Students who have been selected to attend HU-sponsored study abroad programs may not compete for grant funding for Summer 2017 programs.

Application Guidelines

Application deadline: November 6, 2017

  • Applications will be accepted until midnight on Sunday, November 6, 2016. Students are requested to submit applications prior to the deadline to avoid technical problems.

Selection Process:

  • Habib University will conduct the application process and select students for the Stanford Summer International Honors Program and the University of Michigan Summer Term – students will not apply to either program themselves.
  • All applications will be reviewed to ensure that applicants meet the basic eligibility criteria as outlined above.
  • All applicants who fulfill the basic eligibility criteria will be invited to make a presentation in front of a jury. The mode of presentation is not restricted to a PowerPoint presentation. Applicants will be encouraged to use a creative way of making their presentations using different tools and strategies.
  • Applicants’ CGPA, meta-curricular details, class participation and sense of responsibility and inquisitiveness towards their own learning and development at HU will be assessed.
  • Based on the above mentioned factors, the most highly qualified students will be selected for the Stanford Summer International Honors Program or the University of Michigan Summer Term.

Online Application and Instructions on Student Portal

Summer Program Calendar

Deadline Date
Information sessions October 13 and 14, 2016
Application deadline November 6, 2016
Presentations November 11 – 19, 2016
Announcement of the names of selected students December 16, 2016
Submission of official Stanford or Michigan application by selected students February 1, 2017
Visa applications due February 15, 2017
Course Registration April 1, 2017
Housing application due to Stanford and Michigan May 1, 2017
Moving in at Stanford/Michigan June 17/June 27, 2017
First day of classes at Stanford/Michigan June 19/June 28, 2017
Final exams at Stanford/Michigan August 11 & 12/August 17 &18, 2017
Departure from Stanford/Michigan August 13/August 18, 2017

Questions? Please contact the Office for Global Engagement:

Anushka Hosain
Office for Global Engagement