Anthropocene Chaos and the Search for an Ordering Framework

15/Nov/20195:00 pm - 6:30 pm


The Anthropocene can be understood as a process of increasing entropy and metabolic rift between human societies and the biosphere, that is, the material manifold substrate whose absence or non-cooperation renders impossible any world-making or society-making activity. Thus, we hear these days about different forms of entropic processes leading toward the crossing of planetary boundaries including, but not limited to: climate change; ocean acidification; destruction of the ozone layer; disruption of biogeochemical flows; land-system change; freshwater use; aerosol loading; and the introduction of new chemical and biological substances in the biosphere. 

 These entropic processes are on a continuum with other forms of disorder in the political and cultural spheres – the eclipse of indigenous ways of thinking and being, runaway neoliberalism, an increasingly destructive neoliberalism, and the rise of fascist politics globally. This conference is designed so we can hear about the experiences of people  – part of a global vanguard really – who, in their modes of thinking and practice are addressing one aspect or the other Anthropocene complex, with both exploratory and restorative aims. 

The entropic processes unraveling at planetary scales call for a correspondingly global response, starting with the creation of a shared framework through which the various practices operate. Can we overcome our dualisms  – techno-science versus liberal arts, theory versus social activism, academia versus the real world – to create a common background for the production of knowledge and practice? This is a question for the conference speakers to debate among themselves as they seek feedback from the participants.


Dr. Muhammad Haris
Assistant Professor, Comparative Liberal Studies,
Ph.D. in Philosophy, Texas A&M University, USA.

Dr. Hassaan Khan
Assistant Professor, Integrated Sciences & Mathematics,
Postdoctoral Scholar in Earth System Science, Stanford University, USA.

Dr. Sarah Hasnain
Assistant Professor, Integrated Sciences & Mathematics,
Ph.D. in Biology, Queen’s University, Canada.

Mr. Muhammad Ali Shah
Chairman, Pakistan Fisher Folk Forum

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