In the first ever edition of Habib University Model United Nations (HUMUN’17), HUMUN joined hands with Lahore University of Management Sciences Model United Nations (LUMUN) to bring you another intellectually stimulating and challenging MUN conference. LUMUN has been a forerunner for MUNs in Pakistan ever since its initiation in 2002, becoming the country’s most celebrated MUN. It hosted Pakistan’s first ever MUN conference in 2003 and has since paved the way for Pakistan in the international arena.

Our affiliation with the prestigious LUMUN reflects our dedication in maintaining the academic quality of our conference and constantly improving upon it. Our aim to learn from LUMUN also shows our willingness to prioritize academic integrity and make the conference diverse and engaging for the participants. Through this collaboration, we hope to reproduce as real an experience of a UN conference as possible and provide people with the opportunity to develop their critical thinking skills by debating on complex subjects.

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Of the many values and ideals held by HUPSC and Habib University, ensuring that major events being conducted uphold and guarantee academic integrity has always been the foremost priority. It was the basis upon which HUMUN’17 was organized and is evident from HUMUN’s collaboration with The United Nations Information Centre (UNIC).

These Centres are located in 63 countries worldwide, including one in Islamabad, Pakistan. Their purpose is to link the United Nations with people around the globe by acting as an information hub. They circulate the global UN message and provide the latest, reliable information about the UN to the local audiences in their respective countries.

Our association with UNIC is proof of HUMUN’s success at simulating a United Nations conference where the participants are encouraged to critically think, analyze, decipher and solve. It also legitimizes HUMUN’s desires to continue spurring within the individuals the love for diplomacy, professionalism and dialogue.

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