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HUMUN seeks to gather students that can role-play as delegates to the United Nations and as members of other international bodies, hence providing a platform for research and to debate in order to address key global issues. The conference covers topics ranging from international economic and social progress to global peace and security. It is an opportunity for participants to explore the world of international relations, highlighting concerns faced by leaders worldwide and proposing solutions.

HUMUN will include guest speaker sessions where Pakistan’s popular social activists and diplomats who have represented Pakistan in international bodies will be providing the participants with their inputs based on their experience. There will be post conference social events so that our chairs, delegates and the organize and socialize and network.


Soon after Habib University started its very first year, the co-founding batch felt the need and responsibility as the first ever student body to create a public speaking for for a vibrant and versatile student life.

Over these few years, HUPSC has come a long way. The club focuses on training students and sending them to various debate championships in and outside of the city. Members have represented Habib University in renowned institutes and have won various accolades, including most promising team award from Ziauddin and Champion team at JSMUDC.

One of its biggest highlights of the season was that Habib University was the only institute in Karachi that had organized university style debating competition under the name, Habib University Debating Championship (HUDC). The annual faculty-student debate competition is another exciting event organized every year by the club.

Following its commitment to provide with best academic quality in debating to our community, the club is organizing Habib University’s first ever Model United Nations, HUMUN this year.


Habib University, a Liberal Arts University in Pakistan, is known for its distinct curriculum which encourages the students to engage in critical thinking and open minded discussions. The students are exposed to contrasting narratives of history, science, development, modernity, revolution, politics and religion. These narratives help in expanding the horizons of their thought and self-reflection. At Habib University, the liberal arts education as a whole aims to enable its students to think out of the box, indulge in investigation of the problems of the present times and devise the best, context-specific solutions.

The philosophy of Yohsin lies at the heart of this institution. Yohsin holds that “The worth of an individual is in their thoughtful self-cultivation”. Under this philosophy the institution provides various opportunities of personal and intellectual growth, including freedom of expression. Yohsin aims at maximizing one’s potential and utilizing it for the betterment of the community at large.