Senior Manager / Assistant Director, Graduate School Curation Program

Habib University’s Graduate School Curation Program (GSCP) seeks to provide a rigorous and personalized academic learning (research-oriented), leadership and service experience to the most talented and well-rounded students who aspire to pursue an academic/research-based career. Reporting to the Associate Dean of UGEA, the Senior Manager / Assistant Director, GSCP is a pivotal role that will conceptualize, develop, implement and lead the GSCP that will cultivate excellence among high-achieving undergraduates at Habib.
GSCP will have measurable benefits across the student body as well as potential for recruiting high quality students in general. The benefits to the student body would complement Habib University’s commitment to empowering talented learners to become leaders in improving Pakistan and the world. Similarly, the general goals of GSCP are similar to those of many liberal arts institutions (especially in United States). As a prestigious initiative, the Habib GSCP is designed to prepare Habib University students for advanced postgraduate academic studies and research. The program also incentivizes faculty to engage Tehqiq scholars (name given to students enrolled in GSCP) in their own research as an asset to their academic projects while simultaneously guiding Tehqiq (meaning research) students in constructing their own research agendas.
The Senior Manager / Assistant Director will provide strategic leadership, programming, and accountability that support student success and co-curricular activities of the program. They will also be responsible for identifying new GSCP students for the Program; work with faculty to design academic programs and create events for students in the program that support persistence, retention, and completion of the GSCP requirements; tracking student progress; providing support for research, internships and placement; working with students, faculty, staff, and external stakeholders to coordinate the co-curricular activities of the program.
Applicants for this position will demonstrate commitment to academic quality and rigor and to the success of the students in the program, and willingness to enhance the initiative by providing support to the Student Recruitment and Admissions and Resource Development offices. Due to the nature of the role, the incumbent will need to understand the University’s philosophy and academic programs. Candidates who show initiative, are self-starters, and are familiar with liberal arts universities will be preferred.

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