Deputy Manager, Student Recruitment and Admissions

Deputy Manager, Student Recruitment and Admissions, will be responsible for planning and
implementing Habib University’s student marketing strategy through development of publications and
other communication material. S/he will set up a rigorous process for information collection from
internal and external stakeholders to develop content to aid Student Recruitment and Admissions team.
Given the diversity of Habib University’s target audience, it is essential that the candidate understands
the importance of focused communication, including how to write for a specific audience and selecting
the most effective communications medium. Moreover, s/he must ensure all communication is
consistent, compelling and timely. The incumbent is expected to work closely with various departments
of the institution to produce student specific products highlighting numerous elements of the University.
The candidate will also assist relevant functions of Student Recruitment and Admissions by helping with
the overall marketing requirements. S/he will work closely with the central Marketing and
Communication team to devise multiple campaigns, digital and paper, that will run parallel with the
student recruitment and admissions strategies. The candidate will also be involved in performing other
related duties incidental to the work described.

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