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Student Study Abroad

Global Learning

Habib’s Global Learning opportunities aim to produce globally competent citizens, who will be able to thrive in today’s interconnected society and serve as ambassadors to the rest of the world. In line with Habib University’s liberal arts approach and philosophy of Yohsin, or “thoughtful self-cultivation,” students are encouraged to foster a spirit of critical transnational inquiry. We emphasize the importance of a globalized outlook and interdisciplinary approach to solving today’s global challenges. Our programs provide exposure to a diversity of perspectives to help students develop a nuanced understanding of cultures and international contexts and refine intercultural communication skills in direct engagement with their peers abroad.

Learn Abroad

Learn Abroad programs are structured opportunities. Students who study abroad are taught to a) integrate the experience into their four-year academic plan, b) enhance their learning through assessments including pre-program objectives and post-program evaluations, c) augment the learning experience through presentations and projects when back on campus, and d) use the opportunity as preparation for post-graduate study and career development.

Learn Abroad Programs

The Office of Global Engagement provides you guidance for selecting the right program for your needs; help you complete your applications.

Learn Abroad choices are not limited solely to the universities which have entered formal partnerships with Habib University. Students are welcome to apply for academic programs at any institution of their choosing, anywhere in the world.

Stanford Summer International Honors Program (SSIHP)

stanfordA highly selective, challenging eight-week academic and cultural program, the Stanford Summer International Honors Program (SSIHP) is an excellent opportunity for Habib University students to experience an immersive summer in a stimulating international environment at one of the world’s leading universities.

SSIHP brings highly motivated students to the Stanford campus from over twenty partner institutions in fourteen countries. Participants enroll in summer courses taught by Stanford faculty, learn with Stanford undergraduates and other visiting students, and participate in extracurricular programs designed specifically for them.

More information: Click Here

University of Michigan Study Abroad Program

u-m-university-of-michigan-logoThe University of Michigan will host up to ten Habib University students per year at its Ann Arbor campus, during the fall, winter, spring or summer semesters. The University of Michigan is a top-ranked public research institution known for its research and medical programs, its football team, and a diverse student body hailing from all fifty states of the USA and over a hundred other countries.

HU students can choose from a multitude of options at U-M: the university offers courses in two hundred and sixty degree programs offered through nineteen schools and colleges.

For more information: http://internationalcenter.umich.edu/

Berkeley Summer Sessions

Habib University has partnered with the University of California at Berkeley (UC Berkeley), to send students for a summer study abroad session to one of the world’s most distinguished institutions of higher education, known for its academic and research excellence. Berkeley Summer Sessions offer more than 600 courses to choose from, where you will experience the academic rigor for which Berkeley is renowned. Students will also have the opportunity of accessing one of the top university libraries at UC Berkeley, with a collection of over 12 million books, the fourth largest library in North America.

For more information, please visit: http://summer.berkeley.edu/

Pitzer College

news-pitzerStarting in Summer 2018, Habib University students can spend a semester at Pitzer College under a study abroad program which will provide students exposure to diverse learning opportunities and enable greater cross-cultural understanding between Pakistani and American students.

A member of The Claremont Colleges, Pitzer shares consortium resources (libraries, dining halls, etc.) and students are encouraged to take classes at the other four undergraduate Claremont Colleges as well. The college emphasizes social sciences, international programs, and media studies.

For more information: Click Here

National University of Singapore Enterprise Summer Programme

FAQs: Academic and Financial Eligibility

Unless specified, Learn Abroad Program are open to students in both schools, in any program. Students who fulfill the following criteria are invited to apply:

  • Year: Second-year or third-year student at Habib University;
  • Grades: Minimum CGPA of 3.0 by third semester;
  • Code of Conduct clearance: No conduct case has been filed against the applicant for the following: Plagiarism, cheating, theft, vandalism, bullying, sexual harassment and misconduct, use of drugs/alcohol/weapons, physical assault, or violation of operational policies of the University;
  • Financial clearance: No outstanding University fees at submission of application (in case of genuine reason for outstanding payments, please contact the Office of Admissions for consideration).
  • Applications for Learn Abroad are assessed on the basis of:
    • Academic achievement (GPA, plus any special commendations on project/coursework)
    • Clarity of purpose
    • Demonstrated interest in cross-cultural interaction and gaining international experience
    • Commitment to high academic achievement and interest in graduate school
    • Extracurricular activities, awards and honors, hobbies, interests, etc. (including awards and honors received in high school)
    • Research skills and experience, if applicable
    • Work experience, if applicable
    • Critical thinking ability, effective communication ability

Ability to take initiative (aka leadership skills)

Habib University reviews applications and selects students through an internal selection process that may include, but is not limited to, essays, presentations and interviews.

For more information on Habib’s Learn Abroad programs, please contact the Office for Global Engagement at global@habib.edu.pk

Global Classroom Connect

Incorporating the latest advances in collaborative learning, Global Classroom Connect sessions create a globally-integrated learning space, fostering dialogue and interactive learning experiences that transcend national boundaries. Students hold joint conferences and discussions, collaborate on projects, and benefit from virtual guest lectures.