Giving Matters

We strive to recognize all donations to Habib University quickly and accurately. Our team works to ensure responsible utilization and recognition as foreseen in our donor recognition policy. The policy is guided by the following principles:
  • Accuracy, accountability and responsible utilization of funds
  • Effectiveness / maximization of impact
  • Respecting donors’ needs, including confidentiality
  • Information sharing with donor about HU updates
Donations to spaces, scholarships, faculty chairs and of course the schools can be named by the donor. In this way the donor leaves a legacy in their own name, the name of a loved one, or of their company. Donors are invited to become members of our prestigious giving societies. You will be invited for special events on and off campus, have the opportunity to meet with other donors and share your vision for the future with societal leaders and visiting dignitaries. Habib University could not be what it is without the generous support of those who believe in its mission. Our gratitude is also expressed in more personal ways, such as notes from scholarship recipients, invitations for HU events, or newsletters on annual achievements.