Voices of Partition

22/04/20175:30 pm-7:00 pm
Habib University

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Arzu Center at Habib University and The 1947 Partition Archive present: Voices of Partition

About the Event:

It was seventy years ago that the single-most important event in the history of twentieth-century South Asia unfolded as the powerful British colonial rule was revoked, giving birth to two sovereign states, India and Pakistan, carved out from the same parent body. Not a single or simple event, this was followed by what is described as the largest mass migration in human history. Accompanied with acts of brutality on an unprecedented level, including killing, rape and abduction, this chain of events engendered a complex and diverse representation spread across many forms of expression, ranging from fiction to film.

Witness Speakers (Panelists)

Zubeida Mustafa
Hamrah Khalique
Hassan Manzar
Prof. Akram Siddiqui