Sukhan: Recitation, Oration from poetry and prose

12/04/20165:00 pm-7:00 pm
Soorty Hall

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Zau – the literary magazine & Arzu Centre

سخن  -Sukhan

Recitation and Oration of Poetry and Prose

Reviving the culture of literary oration


Location: Soorty Hall, Habib University
Date: April 12th, 2016 – 5:00 to 7:00 pm

Concluding Remarks: Afzaal Ahmed Syed
Chief Guest: Satyapal Anand


Recitals in English & Urdu of canonical & contemporary literary works, including:

  • Spoken word poetry
  • Performance-based humorous orations
  • Ghazals and nazms by emerging poets
  • Orations of Patras Bukhari and Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi’s texts
    & more!

The bilingual literary magazine, Zau, has been organizing Oratory Poetry Sessions bi-annually since 2014, with the aim of providing a platform which helps in the revival and growth of the now-lost trend of literary orations. These sessions include oratory in English and Urdu, of both canonical and contemporary works of prose and poetry. Recitals in the English segment range from spoken word poetry to classics to humorous performances, while the Urdu segment includes humorous pieces by the likes of Patras Bukhari, Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi and Ibn-e-Insha, and recitals by emerging poets and writers.
In the current and the fifth session, titled Sukhan, Zau is collaborating with Arzu Centre at Habib University to give students from around the city an opportunity to come together in a literary endeavor and showcase their talent.

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