Seminar/Discussion: Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act with Farieha Aziz

05/10/20163:00 pm-4:00 pm
Soorty Hall

Habib University

The controversial cybercrime bill is now law. HU invites you to a discussion with Farieha Aziz on the process of its passage; changes in content and the problems that still remain; what to be wary of and what can still be done about it.

About the Speaker:

Farieha Aziz is the co-founder and Director of Bolo Bhi which works on internet freedom, privacy and gender in Pakistan. She served as an amicus curiae in a case filed in the Lahore High Court in 2013, challenging the ban on YouTube, and is currently a petitioner on behalf of Bolo Bhi in a case filed in the Islamabad High Court challenging government’s censorship on the Internet and the powers of the regulator.