17/09/2015-19/09/20154:00 pm-7:00 pm
Communication Lab, Habib University

This group show is the culmination of four weeks immersion in the city by four different, visiting artists working in close proximity. The result describes a reaction to the materiality and sound of the city, to the skyline, to scale and to subtle, social interactions in the arteries of the city: the roads.

Mina Arham uses tracing film to document the intricacies of an almost anonymous skyline. The use of slide-viewers is a move into more sculptural practice, inspired by work alongside her fellow resident artists here. The smaller, rolled drawings are stacked in a way that transforms the normally two dimensional physicality of the drawing into a 3-dimensional aspect.

Bradley and Weaver imagined a series of works that to them reflect intricate aspects of the city, the hidden layers of social relations. They use traditional techniques to make something fragile and touch responsive out of one that is usually robust, referring to unspoken truths.

Abeerah Zahid has documented the mute palette of the sky as well the skyline, by creating small-scale portraits of Karachi. The structures across the city skyline become characters in her smaller drawings and sculptures. She examines how they intervene with our daily lives and at the same time interact with each other.