Haveli: Daastan-goi

11/05/20166:00 pm-7:30 pm
Tariq Rafi Lecture Theater, Habib University

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Date: 11th May’16
Time: 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm.
Venue: Tariq Rafi Lecture Theater, Habib University,

Known as a stylist and humorist, Mushtaq Ahmed Yusufi is the leading writer of the day. People say that we are living in the Age of Yusufi and his lines are quoted like poetry of the masters. In addition to being a humorist, Yusufi is a superb story teller. Aab-e-Gum is a re-telling of events related to people whose past is more important for them than the present circumstances and they cannot seem to grow out of it. Extracts from Aab-e-Gum will be retold as a modern day dastaan by the talented team which excels in Dastaan-goi. Fawad Khan, Nazr ul Hasan and Meesam Naqvi, trained at the NAPA, are part of the new revival of the dastan-goi and have held performances all over the country.