Digital Disruption and Creative Chaos: A talk by Asa Calow – Director, MadLab-UK [An AHSS and DSSE Offering]

21/10/20166:00 pm-7:30 pm
Habib University

Date: Friday, October 21
Time: 6:00-7.30 PM
Venue: Habib University


At this talk, MadLab’s Asa Calow will introduce the organization and give a guided tour of its work: some of the exciting projects and ideas which have arisen in the past few years, as well as a wider discussion about the benefits of working in an ‘anti-disciplinary’ way–engaging with the mysterious ‘dark matter’ that occurs between disciplines, bringing everyone out of their comfort zones!

MadLab is currently engaged with DIY City-Karachi, Manchester, a collaboration with Habib University, Numaish KarachiMadLab Manchester and the British Council.

About MadLab:

MadLab is the UK’s most active community innovation hub and makerspace, hosting events which draw in several thousand people each month–meetups, maker faires, professional development workshops in new and emerging technologies, and an award-winning art, science, and technology programme.

About Asa Calow:

Calow is a creative technologist, amateur biotechnologist, lapsed mathematician, and a founder-director of MadLab in Manchester. Prior to his current role as MadLab’s chief hacker-in-residence, he has worked as a technologist for a number of startups, and digital creative agencies.