Design for Education/Policy

04/01/2018All Day

Playground @ HU

From Aug 15 – 18, a group of 20 Habib students, interested in challenges faced by primary and secondary education, attended a 4-day Design Thinking workshop conducted by Minahil Asim. Over the course of the workshop, the students worked with the ILAD School in our neighborhood to learn how human-centered design methods can help understand complex challenges in the primary and secondary school ecosystem.

At a talk following the workshop, Minahil talked about the tools researchers and policy experts can use when working in education. Ms Asim shared her experiences using Human-Centred Design, ethnographic and quantitative research methods while working on education-related projects in Pakistan, Sierra Leone & Rwanda. She also talked about her experience with using the Problem Driven Iterative Adaptation (PDIA) framework as a development tool.