Counting on the Census? Implications of Population Census for Inter-ethnic Relations and Resource Distribution in Pakistan

16/11/20176:00 pm-7:30 pm
Tariq Rafi Lecture Theater, Habib University

A population census is a systemic exercise for acquiring and recording the numbers of people, their distribution, their living conditions, and other key data that is critical for socio-economic development.  However, the census is also a political and administrative technology that enables the modern nation-state to categorize and manage its population and prioritize some demographic groups over the others. The provisional results of the 2017 census published by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics have been criticized by demographers, journalists, and political activists due to methodological flaws and reports of undercounting in urban and rural Sindh. In this context, a diverse panel of experts including academics, journalists, development professionals, and social activists will critically examine the methodology and implications of the population census for various segments of Pakistani society, with a special focus on Sindh Province.


Prof. Mehtab S. Karim

Professor Mehtab Karim is the Vice Chancellor of Malir University of Science and Technology, Karachi where he also directs the Center for Studies in Population and Health. He is one of the foremost population experts in Pakistan and has carried out extensive research on population and socio-economic development in Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh.

Afiya S. Zia

Afiya Shehrbano Zia is a feminist researcher and activist based in Karachi, Pakistan.  She is the author of ‘Sex Crime in the Islamic Context’ and several published articles on women, religion and secularism.

Muhammad Badar Alam

Badar Alam is a senior journalist and Editor of The Herald, Pakistan’s leading current affairs magazine known for its independent and fearless reporting and willingness to conduct investigative journalism.

Dr. Haider K. Nizamani

Dr Haider Nizamani teaches Political Science at the University of British Columbia, Canada and is a visiting faculty member at Habib University.

Dr. Shama Dossa (Moderator)

Dr Shama Dossa is Associate Professor in the Social Development and Policy Program at Habib University. She is a senior researcher, academic, and program management expert.