Bedil Pasand Aya

21/10/20155:30 pm-7:00 pm
Tariq Rafi Lecture Theater, Habib University

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Introduction to the poetry of Sabk-i Hindi and Mirza Bedil
With great veneration and awe, Mirza Abdul Qadir Bedil is referred to as Abul-Ma’ani, the Father of Meaning. Born in the seventeenth century, Bedil is regarded as one of the most prolific and challenging poets of the Indian school of Persian poetry and a key figure in Sufi circles. In an ecstatic state, Ghalib paid homage to Bedil’s great inventiveness: Mujhay Rang-e-Bahar Ejadiy-e-Bedil Pasand Aya.

Bedil’s poetry and Sabk-i Hindi will be introduced by Afzaal Ahmed Syed, a leading Urdu poet and translator. His collected Urdu poems have been published as Mitti Ki Kaan. A volume of his poetry in English translation was published from New Delhi.