ADA – Concert & DJ Set

30/10/20157:00 pm-10:00 pm
Amphitheater, Habib University

On the 30th of October, Habib University’s Center for Media & Design will hold a concert for critically acclaimed German musician Michaela Dippel aka Ada. Since Ada is always interested in collaborations with musicians from other cultures, she decided to come to Pakistan, accompanied by German drummer Jan Philip Janzen from the band Von Spar, to play a concert with local musicians. Ada’s music is an intricate blend of electronica and house, juxtaposed with light, breathy vocals. Critics have praised the timeless quality of her music, her ability to bring out the elegance of ambient, the thoughtfulness of minimalism, and the soft joy of melancholy. Her performance at Habib University will be accompanied by a live visualization of her music, created by Brain Hack, Habib University’s Computer Club.

During her stay, she will also be holding workshops at Habib University and NAPA to show students how to produce and record their own music.

Registrations will close on Friday, 30th October @ 10AM

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