The Hilal Park

  • At Hilal Park, Kh-e-Hilal , phase 5, D.H.A, Karachi.
  • Rohma Amjad

As soon as I got of the car I see a black grilled gate with a small white banner sticked to the gate, clearly stating the rules and regulations of the park. As soon as I look on my left I see the corn (makai) guy making corn in dark grey and black sand while paper fanning him self due to the scorching heat of the sun. Right beside the corn seller is the ice-cream guy selling ice cream on his cycle while playing the typical ‘tu ru ru’ song. Both ice-cream and corn seller seemed to be tired since they might have been standing there the entire afternoon. A ten year old child wearing torn clothes had a bamboo stick in his hand. On the bamboo stick small packets of candy floss in pink were attached with a fake 100 rupee note. Children from the age of five to ten were all around him and were trying to convince their parents to buy them that pink ‘yum yum’ candy floss.

When I entered the park the first thing that caught my attention was the small beautiful white colored Masjid on the straight right hand side. People were coming in and going out with a smile on their face. Probably each one of them satisfied by talking to their Creator. Young teenagers were rushing towards the Masjid for Asr prayers while the elderly were trying to walk as fast as they could towards the Masjid. There were small washrooms near the Masjid so people could do Wudu (an act of purifying oneself before performing prayer). There was a separate section for men and a separate section for women.

There was a stone and pebble formed run away. Young children were racing around, each child trying to come first. Teenagers and young adults running or jogging on a slow pace, while elderly trying to slowly walk on the left side of the run away. Some were there for a purpose of reducing weight or to maintain a healthy and physical lifestyle, and some there just to enjoy and have a good time. On the sides of the runway were differently designed patches of grass everywhere. The grass was lush green and was beautifully decorated with white, blue, orange and green flowers. Land upheaval made everything even more beautiful. It seemed as if there were different hills. In addition, for those who were there for jogging the intensity would increase making it better for their workout.

Since the park is open to the entire public. The lower middle class was seen enjoying a mini picnic. Since for them picnics are a rare treat they enjoy it to the fullest. Girls were wearing sequenced shalwar kameez with bangels and were wearing high heels. On the other hand, guys were wearing ironed shalwaar kameez. All were sitting together enjoying the weekend. Playing ludo and all other sorts of games while eating refreshments such as samosa, pakora and chaat along with cold beverages.

There were people from middle class and upper middle class. Some mothers accompanying their children. Those mothers who were there with their children were usually found sitting on the top of the hill. All young girls and boys were enjoying themselves by rolling down the hill. Some children were making noises and laughing while some upset by not being the first ones to reach the bottom of the hill. Mothers were just sitting and enjoying their peace time, laughing and smiling seeing their child enjoy.

Apart from mothers and children a lot of friends were also seen together. Some were seen sitting on the grass and enjoying their ice cream while gossiping and laughing.

There are a lot of people who would want to work in a relaxed open-air environment since it provides a good vibe and the mind tends to be at peace. Such people were also present at the park. University students sitting and discussing their work with their laptops in their hands and books kept next to them. A group of students from Indus Valley School (IVS) were also there. Usually such locations tend to be a good sight for projects. IVS students were there for a project to point a similar sight of what they could see keeping in mind the different shades of grass and trees.

After every ten to twelve steps there were benches kept. Usually on the benches I could see old couples sitting with a water bottle in their hand. It seemed as if they were tired by walking. Some couples were just sitting, talking and having a nice time. Everyone was just trying to make the best they could in that time.

On the left side of the park there was this huge carving of “THE HILAL PARK” written. Those who were coming for the first time were so amused specially the lower class since they don’t see such things very often. Those who were alone were asking those who were passing by if they could take a picture of them. Others were trying to adjust their face and the carving in a selfie.

There was also a small beige color fountain. Usually children were seen around it. Every child wanted to go inside the fountain and have a nice ‘swim’. Very small babies who did not understand that it is a swimming pool were crying and screaming. Those who understood it was a fountain would just dip their hand inside the fountain. They would take some water in their hand and throw it on their friends or siblings. A lot of young teenage couples were seen sitting around the fountain also. The fountain was beautiful and the water was crystal clear.

Everyone who came in the park was just enjoying and having a nice time. The nature was an additional factor in creating peace: the slow wind, the chirping of birds, the lush green grass, and the beautiful voice of water falling from the fountain. The park is a good place to be alone for sometime and is a nice location to be at from every days busy and hectic schedule.