Ethnographic Observations

You are required to write two ethnographic observations (3-4 pages, double space) during the semester. Ethnographic observations are ‘thick description’ that is describing a social phenomenon in its multiplicities of meanings. In order to write a good observation you need to first choose a field site, a particular locality, it can be a bazaar, a hospital, or a tea shop. Observe by using all your five senses that is perceive the environment by using sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste. Good ethnographic observations are usually like a photographic image. It transports a reader into the scene. Hence remember to edit and proof read properly. Make sure you use the write sentence structure, grammar, and composition. I would strongly encourage to get assistance from the EHSAS Writing Center. Things to remember:

  • Identify a location, time, situation clearly in the beginning.
  • Do not just list items that you see with your eyes.
  • Build a coherent narrative style.

Chai Chahiye!

  • Shadman Dou Number Market, North Karachi
  • Duaa Sameer

The Park

  • Park (Olympian Iftikhar Syed Park ) Gulshan Iqbal block 6, Karachi
  • Maryam Qureshi

Polo Ground


  • Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation. (SIUT)
  • Syeda Armeen Nasim

Katchi Abadi

  • Kachi Abadi located right after N.I.P.A. Chowrangi, Karachi.
  • Syeda Arooma Zehra Naqvi

Bahadurabad Market & Kokan Park

The “Blush Inn” Family

Hyderi Market

Cantt Bazaar

Amidst the Chaos of Jauhar Chowrangi

Askari V

Itwaar Bazaar

  • Sunday Market/ Itwaar Bazaar, Gulshan-e-iqbal, Karachi
  • Amna Fareed

Sunday Bachat Bazaar

Shree Ratneswar Mahadev Temple

The Hilal Park

  • At Hilal Park, Kh-e-Hilal , phase 5, D.H.A, Karachi.
  • Rohma Amjad

Alamgir Welfare Trust Kamela Department

Aga Khan University Hospital