Energy Lab

The Energy lab allows the students to develop a deeper understanding of energy fundamentals and to explore alternative energy solutions. The lab features experiments from chemistry, physics and biology. Students are also introduced to miniature versions of energy conversion devices including wind mills, solar cells, hydrogen fuel cells, solar cooker etc. that mimic the insights and workings of a real scale device.

The Lab is designed for both engineering and non-engineering undergraduate students and does not require any advanced mathematics or physics background.

Number Experiment
1 Bio Diesel
2 Energy Content in Food Items
3 Fuel Energy
4 Global Warming
5 Dye-Sensitised Solar Cell (DSSC)
6 Gas Chromatography
7 Electrical Energy from Solar Energy
8 Wind Energy 
9 Hydrogen Fuel Cell
10 Hydro Power
11 Heat Energy from Solar Energy
12 Solar Cooker
13 Parabolic Trough
14 Factors that Influence Wind Energy