Starter Pack

Starter Pack

Online Learning (CPE 101)

CPE 101 is a self-paced tutorial to cater for online teaching and learning at Habib University. The course has been designed to offer an introduction to HU instructors to pivot to online teaching and learning, necessitated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, the 6 modules provide a solid introduction to the different aspects of online teaching and learning. Enroll

Technology Training (Everything Canvas, Panopto & Zoom)

Habib University has invested in three new platforms to help our faculty and students create a better learning experience. The shift to these new platforms requires an extraordinary amount of effort from faculty. There is a learning curve, and we will face many questions as we continue to teach using these new platforms. This course site is specifically created to maintain and share a repository of training videos for our faculty that can help them self learn and find solutions to the common problems they face in these platforms. Enroll
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